The sanctuary is coming along splendedly-beautiful work-beautiful to see.  There are pictures under the "News" tab on this site so have a look.  The stained glass windows just seem to pop with color as the room lightens up. 

I am so happy because I have new LED lights in the offices.  One doesn't realize how dark it is until the lights are illuminated brighter....guess that would be a good analogy for increasing the light of Jesus in our lives as well.  I am so appreciative for the increase in the ability to see better with these new lights.  Thank you Dean!

The traffic hold up due to the construction on Estero Blvd is more than likely to increase our patience.  Takes a while to get through the barriers, flag men, one ways, etc. but eventually we get to where we are going.  Not so bad on a flag men..ha ha.  

Andy & Camie are back from the island and living in Bonita..Andy is working and they seem to be doing well and are happy.

We await our northern friends as we have missed them all is a good time to pray for them to come back to the beach safely!

                                                     ~Your servant,  Sharyn