Bishop Ken Carter  

News of COVID-19, known as the coronavirus, seems to be on a continuous news cycle. Like most of you, we are concerned and cautious but want to remain balanced. We recognize that COVID-19 continues to be a public health risk which everyone must take seriously. We are continually watching developments, which, in most instances, remain fluid.

When deciding whether to attend any event, if you feel sick, if you have a compromised immune system because of other underlying health issues, or if you have any concerns about your attendance, please make the wise decision to stay at home.

One of the best weapons we have in combating COVID-19 is common sense. Let’s stay informed, follow CDC and FLDOH guidelines, use good judgment, know what signs to look for, and know to ask our local health departments when we have additional questions.

We urge caution, but not fear.

Most importantly, please continue praying for each other and for those affected by COVID-19.