January 11, 2021 Psalm 27: 14

Mondays and wait for the Lord

Are you really good at waiting or better at worrying?  Explore with me what godly waiting looks like.

Wait for the LORD, be strong and take heart and wait for the LORD.  

Psalm 27: 14

This verse asks for 3 actions:     Wait for the LORD

                                                  Be strong and wait

                                                               Take heart and wait


Let's look at how we can put each on these wait-actions to work in our lives.  

First of all, I don't know about you, but for me waiting   often  feels like being in a never-  ending  holding pattern (like circling over Atlanta waiting to land).  When is the action to finally happen?  And then,  sometimes,  doesn't it feel like our days are nothing but "hurry up and wait"?  What if we would start solving the wait-problem by taking away the "hurry" part?  What if we decided that this year we will slow down and have godly  "eyes that see and ears that hear (Prov 20:12)" as to how the Lord would have us wait?  Since waiting is not going to just evaporate from our lives especially in the time of global pandemic, let's give Godly-waiting a try.

                              Wait for the LORD, be strong and take heart and wait for the LORD.  Psalm 27: 14

1   When we are waiting, are we trying out various solutions on our own?  Or, are we waiting with our Father to see how He works in our lives?  Are we trusting Him for the resolution to our problem?  The difference?  The first waiting is strictly goal oriented  and requires no input from God.  The second waiting  is God oriented, staying close to God in prayer  and in HIs Word seeking direction for the best solution to our problem.  And then following God as our problem resolves.

2     Waiting for God's direction for our lives requires strength of spirit.  Waiting in the Lord is not a passive activity nor does it lack goals.  God-waiting requires our complete trust in God's plans for our lives combined with looking for godly answers.  Strength of spirit requires staying in the Word.

3   Similarly, taking heart while waiting for the Lord requires  that  we are spending  time in His presence soaking up His love and wisdom.  In that way, we obtain the heart-strength to last out the waiting period.  Feeding  a healthy spirit-heart with Worship and  God's word is just as important as feeding our physical heart by eating the right foods and exercising.

                   Godly-waiting is prayer first, waiting in His presence, and then action later.

Waiting for the Lord, being strong and taking a God-healthy-heart into the waiting with us, susie


FROM EDITOR BRNEDA--I play "bible roulette". I pray and then open scripture.  I did this when we were looking for house in Bristol after Dave's motorcycle accident.  I don't remember how many passages I read as we were looking.  One day the scripture seemed to say "What part of WAIT don't you understand.  So we stopped looking.  After that a realtor friend called us with the perfect house.