Dear readers, This will be the last devotion for a short time.  I need to spend time reading my Bible and in prayer to see where God is leading me next in my writing. Thank you for your faithfulness.  I will be back soon.  God bless.

October 5, 2020

mondays and stay in love with God

3 Simple Rules, A Wesleyan Way of Living by Rueben P. Job

3 simple rules:

    1. DO NO HARM

    2. DO GOOD


When I read the letters to the churches in Revelation, I seek where I too might be falling short in my own faith walk.  In Revelation 2:4, in the letter to the church In Ephesus it is written: "Yet, I hold this against you, you have forsaken your first love"  Being aware of the Ephesus Believers failure and my desire to not fail God, makes me eager to learn about rule # 3 STAY IN LOVE WITH GOD.

Insight #13     "Seek the LORD and His strength;  seek His presence continually."  Psalm 105: 4  Consistency in our faith practices:  Worship, Bible Study, prayer, and serving, all keep us close to God.  These practices help us learn to hear and respond to God's direction.

Insight #14    We need to live life from the inside out with the Holy Spirit working in us and helping to keep us in the presence and power of God.

Insight #15    We can follow Jesus' example who made his love relationship with God a priority in life.  He found not only his strength and guidance but his greatest joy in communion with God.  Don't we want these same attributes in our own lives?  We must then make staying in love with God a priority.

Insight #16    Staying in love with God includes sharing God's love through healing actions with others. When God asks us, like He did Peter, "Do you love me?" and we answer "Yes", God responds with "Feed my sheep."  Loving God is loving others.

In his closing remarks, Reuben Job reminds his readers that the rules are simple but the way is not easy. We, like the disciples before us might fail, but we can seek forgiveness and begin again our life of fidelity and faithfulness to God.  I've only gave you a brief sample of this book, please read it on your own and hear the call to draw closer to God.  I found my book on Amazon.

seeking with you to keep the rules and especially to stay in love with God, susie

ear worm:  I keep falling in love with HIM over and over again    I keep falling in love with HIM over and over again.   He grows sweeter and  sweeter as the days roll by, Oh what a love between my Lord and I.  I keep falling in love with HIM over and over and over  and over and over again